Call for Papers: Issue 21

Studies in Russian, Eurasian and Central European New Media ( invites scholars, artists and other interested parties working on the study of digital media to submit contributions toward our next special issue, scheduled for publication in early 2020. Past issues and articles have considered topics such as digital media and trauma, digital creativity in protest movements and technological influences such as the use of digital drone photography and dash-cam footage. Deadline for abstract submissions for issue 21 is September 15th, 2019.

The 21st issue of Digital Icons will focus on contemporary developments in the use of the internet for purposes of national identity construction, maintenance, revision and contestation. We invite authors to contribute empirical and theoretical studies of online nationalism in the countries of the region, focusing on the relationship between media production/transmission, digital cultures and national identity. We are interested in case studies from the post-socialist space and beyond, surveying how — if at all — the internet has altered the familiar operation of national identification, mobilization, negotiation and the like. For the full Call for Papers, please click here.

Authors can submit original research in the form:  articles, essays, visual essays, interviews, news items, book reviews and digital memoirs. Those interested in submitting a contribution should contact the Guest Editor Robert A. Saunders at and visit

We look forward to your contributions.
editorial team.