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Aleksandar Bošković

Aleksandar Bošković is a Lecturer in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian in the Slavic Department at Columbia. He was previously employed at the Institute for Literature and Art in Belgrade, where he published his book The Poetic Humor in Vasko Popa’s Oeuvre (2008). Aleksandar holds his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, where he defended his dissertation Photopoetry and the Bioscopic Book: Russian and Czech Avant-Garde Experiments of the 1920s. His research interests are Russian, Central and East European avant-garde literatures and visual cultures, Yugoslav and post-Yugoslav literature and cinema, and literary theory. Recent publications include ‘Yugonostalgia and Yugoslav Cultural Memory: Lexicon of Yu Mythology’ in Slavic Review (Spring 2013), and ‘Agitatsionnaia fotopoema kak rukotvornyi pamiatnil’ in the Russian reconstruction of the unpublished 1924 book ‘Vladimir Mayakovsky. Poema “Rabochim Kurska, dobyvshym pervuiu rudu…”’  (2014).

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The Arrest of Ratko Mladić Online: Tracing Memory Models across Digital Genres

This paper explores the digital rhetoric and historical comparisons triggered by a media and ‘memory event’ – the May 26, 2011 arrest of Bosnian Serb general Ratko Mladić, a …
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