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Bogdan Trifunović

Bogdan Trifunović obtained his master degree in History at the University of Belgrade. Currently he is PhD Candidate at the Faculty of ‘Artes Liberales’, University of Warsaw. His PhD research project deals with the collective memory, sites of memory and identity building in Serbia and in the Balkans in the second half of the XIX century and in the beginning of the XX century, with the relation of usage and misusage of the ideology of Old Serbia by contemporary elites and their works. Bogdan’s scope of interests includes social and cultural history of the Balkans in the XIX-XX century, the First World War and digital humanities.

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The Arrest of Ratko Mladić Online: Tracing Memory Models across Digital Genres

This paper explores the digital rhetoric and historical comparisons triggered by a media and ‘memory event’ – the May 26, 2011 arrest of Bosnian Serb general Ratko Mladić, a …
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