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Elena Trubina

Elena Trubina is professor of philosophy at Ural State University, Ekaterinburg, Russia. Her research deals broadly with social theory, urban and cultural studies, and the interactions between urban space, politics, memory and subjectivity. She has been a recipient of numerous fellowships (for example, awards from Fulbright Foundation, DAAD, and Carnegie Foundation). She is the co-editor ofTravma; punkty (2009), Dilemmas of Diversity after the Cold War: Analyses of Cultural Differences by United States– and Russia-Based Scholars (2010) and Russian Mass Media and Changing Values (2010). Her current research project is devoted to mobility and cosmopolitanism.

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Past Wars in the Russian Blogosphere: On the Emergence of Cosmopolitan Memory

By  •  Issue 4

In Russia, for decades, the collective memory of World War II has served two major functions. It has provided the major source of legitimatising the state and the ethical ground …
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