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Marijeta Božović

A specialist in Russian and Balkan modernism, Marijeta Božović completed her Ph.D. in Russian Literature at Columbia University in 2011. After two years at Colgate University as an Assistant Professor of Russian and Eurasian Studies, she joined the Yale Slavic Department in 2013, where she teaches now. Her first book, Nabokov’s Canon: From Onegin to Ada (forthcoming with Northwestern University Press), examines canon formation, transnational literatures, and struggles with other media. She is the co-editor of two collected volumes, on Nabokov and Danube river studies respectively. Her current research turns to contemporary political engaged poetry in Moscow and St. Petersburg: that new book project is entitled Avant-Garde Post–: Radical Poetics after the Soviet Union. In fall 2014, Božović will pilot a seminar and DH research project at Yale’s Beinecke Archive, the Digital Brodsky Lab.

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The Arrest of Ratko Mladić Online: Tracing Memory Models across Digital Genres

This paper explores the digital rhetoric and historical comparisons triggered by a media and ‘memory event’ – the May 26, 2011 arrest of Bosnian Serb general Ratko Mladić, a …
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