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Michael Gorham

Michael Gorham (Ph.D., Stanford Umniversity) is an Associate Professor of Russian at the University of Florida, and Associate Editor of The Russian Review andRussian Language Journal. His bookSpeaking in Soviet Tongues: Language Culture and the Politics of Voice in Revolutionary Russia (Northern Illinois University Press, 2003) received Choice Magazine’s ‘Outstanding Academic Book’ award and the 2004 AATSEEL award for ‘Best Book in Literary and Cultural Studies’. His current research on language, politics and national identity from glasnost to Twitter has appeared in twelve different peer-review journals and edited volumes. Gorham is a core member of the international working group ‘The Future of Russian: Language Culture in the Era of New Technology’, sponsored by the Norwegian Research Council.

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Virtual Rusophonia: Language Policy as ‘Soft Power’ in the New Media Age

By  •  Issue 5

Debates on Russian language policy in the internet age have typically focused either on the formal degradation of language by a variety of internal and external forces of corruption or …
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