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Rolf Fredheim

Rolf Fredheim studied for his MPhil at St Antony’s College, Oxford, where his thesis explored the role Katyn played in contemporary Polish political discourse. As a PhD student in Slavonic Studies at the University of Cambridge he was a member of the Memory at War team. At present he is a Research Fellow working on the Conspiracy and Democracy Project at the University of Cambridge, CRASSH. His work focuses on digital approaches to post-Soviet memory as manifest in the Russian blogosphere and media. He has worked on developing a set of tools for quantifying and presenting trends in large datasets, focusing in particular on memory of the 1990s and events such as the August Putsch.

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Scraping the Monumental: Stepan Bandera through the Lens of Quantitative Memory Studies

In this essay we use the example of Stepan Bandera to demonstrate the effectiveness of web-scraping methods as a tool to explore how people interact with memory content online. Using …
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Quantifying Polarisation in Media Coverage of the 2011-12 Protests in Russia

By  •  Issue 9

This study seeks to quantify the polarisation of opinion that emerged around the Russian protest movement following the 5 December Duma elections, and shows that the language used by mainstream …
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