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Sudha Rajagopalan

Sudha Rajagopalan is Assistant Professor in East European Studies and teaches both in the Department of History, Archaeology and Regional Studies and in the Department of Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam. Her current research focuses on Russian audience forums on digital platforms as spaces of ‘unspectacular but vital politics.’ Her earlier work on Soviet audiences for Indian cinema is the first history of Soviet movie-going practices. Her publications also include topics ranging from reality television audiences to the role of fan communities in transforming celebrity and the manner in which digital media alter civil society practices in Russia and India. Her work is at the crossroads of cultural studies, history and media studies.

Latest Posts | By Sudha Rajagopalan

Is There Room for the Fan?

This article considers the myriad ways in which the TV audience that has emerged in an age of media convergence is constructed across three discursive worlds in Russia: that of …
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Editorial – Issue 10

It is increasingly difficult to identify a fan, the media user who actively shares, re-produces  as a discrete category of media user in the age of digital …
Read More Contemporary Cinephiles at Work

This essay has as its focus the cinephilic website, whose aim is to facilitate film-talk among a large community of cinema afficianados on Runet. Central to the successful functioning …
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How to be a well-groomed Russian: Cultural Citizenship in the Television / New Media Interface

Every morning on Channel One, the makeover programme Fashion Verdict offers candidates and audiences sartorial advice appropriate to a middle-class sensibility. The show sets out to transform so-called dowdy candidates …
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