The paper focuses on online consumer activism targeting Belarusian vyshyvanka, i.e. commodities with geometric ornament. Its reinvention was spurred by a global trend of nation branding and by post-socialist nation building. The consumption of ornamented products incites ‘rebranding of the nation’ which gets resemanticized and reinvented via online user-led content creation, as prosumers, often younger cosmopolitan urbanites, like, share, discuss, remix and perform other kinds of digital manipulations with recognizable geometric imagery. In their online incarnations, ornamented products become a semiotic space where ideas about nationhood are explored. At the same time, as online communities reinvent the meaning and socially reinforce the use of ornamented commodities, they re-create their group solidarity and social cohesion. The mechanics of this integration relies on the ability of some digital units to serve as memes and pointers, with the help of which, users can become aware of each other.

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